The Road to Edmond

Watch Tripp try to convince David to let you watch the absolute best progressive-Christian-road-trip-buddy-comedy (aka The Road to Edmond) from Christmas to New Years!

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Stream the movie as many times as you want from December 25, 2018 (12:01am PT) - January 1, 2019 (12midnight PT).

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ABOUT THE MOVIE: Imagine a youth pastor (aka Cleo) whose love for a teenage girl puts his job at the church in jeopardy. No – not an under-age, pervy sorta love. We’re talking about a level of care and acceptance that most churches aren’t too fond of. (Now you’re wondering what her deal is, aren’t you?) The Elder Board puts Cleo in a two-week Jesus timeout, so he packs a bag, hits the road on his bike, and runs into a hairy guy named Larry traveling with his dead Dad. (Actually, Larry runs into Cleo, but we’ll leave that for the film.) All kinds of craziness ensues causing Cleo to question faith, sexuality, and Jesus…including how far is too far. It’s weird, and you’ll love it…we promise.

FILM NOT YET RATED: Profuse upper-body male nudity as well as a bit of cursing, alcohol, and drug usage. This film has been determined by certain very biblical cinematic gurus to (perhaps) have satanic and perverse themes. If you could possibly stumble down a demonic path while seeing two people wrestle with their doubts, baggage from religion, and pain from loss while discovering a God who robustly loves and embraces all our humanity...then you may not want to watch.

Stream the movie as many times as you want from December 25, 2018 (12:01am PT) - January 1, 2019 (12midnight PT).

What People Are Saying

Rotten Tomatoes

REV. SARAH HEATH (First UMC of Costa Mesa - Costa Mesa, CA) - “The Road to Edmond is an incredibly thoughtful conversation starter around some of today's biggest challenges to faith. The humor provides an amazing backdrop for the depth of topic and moments of deep emotion. I really enjoyed it and found myself laughing and tearing up. I look forward to seeing it again!” 

PASTOR JUSTIN DOUGLAS (The Bridge - Hummelstown, PA) - "The Road To Edmond had me laughing out loud at times, gasping at others, and I was even moved to tears. There is something innately human about witnessing two individuals grow in friendship with each other, trusting one another with their hurts and disappointments. As a pastor, I find that most religious resources aren't human enough to create necessary and honest conversations. The Road To Edmond is different; conversation flows naturally."

ADAM NIVEN (Media Theology - Australia) - "The Road to Edmond is a fantastic film that understands the word ‘Christian’ is best used as a noun not a adjective. Shunning the norms of the Christian film label, it dares to venture where faith may lead someone who takes up the challenge to follow Christ. It's a humorous, and at times irreverent, heart-filled trip that challenges the boundaries of a journey of Christian faith. If we let it, the film will open up conversations that need to take place both within and beyond the boundaries of the Church.” 

CHRISTIAN PIATT (host of Homebrewed CultureCast) - "This film masquerades as a buddy travel comedy, but beneath the surface, there is tremendous thought-provoking depth. Yes, there is crude humor and moments included intentionally to provoke or shock the viewer, but this is done less for the sake of sensationalism in itself and more to help debunk the notions of what a “real Christian“ has to be. The Road to Edmond is funny, touching, but most of all it is true to itself. The film does not try to be all things to all people, but rather it holds its message of boundary-smashing love and acceptance central throughout its storyline. The very fact that such themes would be an affront to some people of faith in itself begs the question, “why?“ This is not a film you want to show to your congregation or youth group without screening it first, and probably will require some debriefing and discussion afterward to process. But that is a good thing, considering the saccharine, superficial pablum that tends to pass itself off as Christian filmmaking." 

MIKE MORRELL (Curator - - "I was expecting a hilarious theological buddy road-trip comedy. What I WASN'T expecting was a poignant film about heartbreak, loss, shared humanity and rediscovered faith. Fuller and Welch really deliver in their debut performance. Highly recommended, for the faithful and cynic inside each of us." 

ANALIA ANDERSON ( - "The director said there were many people in the audience who are gay and love Jesus. If people truly love Jesus and are in the Word daily, the Holy Spirit would convict them of their sin. This director has no spiritual discernment. It’s easy, especially nowadays, to be guided by emotions and have your feelings, no matter how well intentioned, deceived by Satan."

Stream the movie as many times as you want from December 25, 2018 (12:01am PT) - January 1, 2019 (12midnight PT).